The C2C LAB as living lab

Green walls that clean the air, carpets that absorb fine dust and office furniture that are not only healthy for people but also for the environment. And all this in such a way that raw materials are not lost, but can be recycled at the end of their useful life – this is what C2C looks like in building and architecture. These innovations are made visible for the first time in the C2C LAB as a C2C lighthouse project on 400 m2 of best practice. Thanks to numerous partners for refurbishment and ongoing operations who share our mission of a C2C future, the C2C LAB is both a practical example and a living laboratory.

Our partners

The C2C LAB is supported by a strong C2C community – be it in the renovation or furnishing of the rooms or in the organisation of events. We can only bring about change together and through the participation of C2C pioneers. Because together we strengthen the dialogue between business, science, education, politics and society.

Refurbishment and equipment partners

In the C2C LAB, we use materials that are healthy for people and the environment, that can circulate either in the biological or technical cycle and are designed for their usage scenario. The companies marked with * produce Cradle to Cradle certified products.

Planning and process consulting
rbs group

C2C design planning and interior architecture


Construction sequence planning and site management

C2C modular system for windows and doors*
C2C carpet tiles with active fine dust binding*
C2C linoleum, wood parquet and PVB flooring with take-back system*
C2C facade made of galvanised steel*
Compostable C2C acoustic panels for ceiling and wall*
C2C glass partitions, ceiling sails and baffles*
C2C partition wall system made of glass and aluminium*
C2C taps and shower heads*
C2C pendant and floor luminaires with biodynamic light*
agc interpane
C2C glass partitions, ceiling sails and baffles*

Modular office desks and C2C-inspired lounge furniture

C2C swivel chairs, conference chairs and visitor chairs*
herman miller
C2C office and conference chairs*
C2C-inspired bar tables, lounge furniture and workbenches

C2C floor coating and floor installation products


Air-purifying plant and water walls

Interior coating system consisting of C2C primer, filler and paint*
Logo giroflex, rot

C2C swivel, conference and visitor chairs*

C2C tiles for the sanitary area*
C2C switches and sockets*
C2C paint for indoors and outdoors and C2C tile adhesive for outdoors*
C2C wall paint for interior use made from renewable raw materials*

Modular tables and stools in wood


Natural insulation material made from seaweed

hans timm fenster

Window construction and installation according to C2C

BMS Logo

Documentation of the construction project via digital revision documents

Logo modulyss, schwarz weiß

C2C carpet tiles with recyclable tile backing*

Baufachfrau Logo Berlin e.V.

Furniture construction with C2C wood

gelbes Logo loll Designs

C2C furniture made from 100% recycled plastic*

Logo JAB Anstoetz, schwarz
C2C upholstery fabrics and curtains*
P2 Objekt Grün Logo
Indoor greening for healthy office air
Logo brabantia
Everyday products for the household*
C2C soap & paper dispensers and toilet paper
Xbrick by wd3 GmbH Logo schwarz
Modular seating made of recyclable plastic
Network architecture and IT administration
Logo Bauwerk Parkett
C2C oak parquet with take-back system*
Logo Accoya
C2C wood for equipment and office furniture*
Logo Grown Bio braun
Interior packaging products made from 100% mycelium composites
Logo PNZ seit 1970
C2C inspired healthy wood care & wood preservatives
Logo Lanur - no excuses
C2C cosmetics and packaging for the biological cycle*
Logo VS
C2C school and object chair*
megawood by novo-Tech
Wood-based material for outdoor applications*

Further C2C innovation in implementation

Clay plaster
Reversible tile over high quality craftsmanship with natural materials

Gypsum boards with aluminium profiles without PVC

Plate substructure
Aluminium construction for wall and ceiling panels

PVC- and halogen-free cables (surface-mounted) and guide in aluminium pipes

Polyethylene pipes instead of PVC


Dismountable aluminium tubes

Become a partner.

Inspired? Then become a partner and enrich the C2C LAB’s programme or equipment. We look forward to hearing from you!

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